Aaftaab Grewal’s new song focuses on inter-faith love

Singer-songwriter Aaftaab Grewal recently released his sophomore single. Co-written with Deepankur Singh, the heartwarming song, positioned as ‘Heer’, narrates the story of two souls from different religions trying to find a way out in love but finding several hurdles on their way more so, as the relationship is based on interfaith grounds, still a hurdle among many families in India. 

Based on real life circumstances, their families later interfere into innocent love and the song ends on a tragic note. Following the trajectory of the relationship, the song starts off with how the relationship started, with calmness and openness. It progresses to end like the relationship did, with little dynamics and a lot of noise.


About his songwriting, Aaftaab says, “I like to play the part of a storyteller and I use Punjabi as my main language to write. I don’t really know what genre my music really fits into. It has traces of Punjabi groove and melody but with a smoother singing style and arrangements found mostly in Americana and Folk Rock. Some of the future tracks will also have some Trap elements.” Aaftaab Grewal produced, performed, mixed and mastered the song.    


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