Baava & Bluedoor Project release final track of well crafted EP, Dastan

Baava & Bluedoor Project, a Delhi-Ahmedabad-Bangalore based duo released their epilogue “Sawal” from their debut EP “Dastan”. The recently released final chapter is now available on all streaming platforms. An acoustic rock ballad, the song has melancholia and leaves the listeners questioning the meaning of life and its struggles. Sawāl as the name suggests asks some fundamental questions about regret, hope, loss, repentance, and decisions. Why is it that we, as humans, realize the value of something only when we have lost it? This profoundly moving song speaks to human desires that bring us together. The track is an introspective offering that seeks to break down the judgemental parts of the artists themselves, and doubles as thoughtful advice for everyone else.

The project is the brainchild of Hansal Suthar and Mayank Singh and has a unique blend of acoustic instruments, powerful lyrics and beautiful narrations.

“Our song Sawāl will be the epilogue of Dāstān – one that will leave our audience with mixed feelings and it’s upon them to interpret which path the protagonist decides to choose. I’ve lived these emotions, so coming up with a genuine story was not the hard part. But tying up all the loose ends at the end of the story was tough. Humans are fundamentally defined by the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. Our concept EP is about integrating aspects of our personal stories that define us,” says Hansal Suthar

Mayank Singh adds, “We take joy in calling ourselves musical storytellers. We didn’t want to compose songs incoherent with each other and just throw in an album as a compilation. Rather we devised an entire storyboard and divided it into five chapters each talking about a phase of the story. There were times when the song was ready in Baava’s (Hansal) head and I just had to program, arrange, and produce it with minor changes. On other times, I would write melodies and chord progressions from scratch or revisit some of my older material and then Baava would write lyrics based on how far down we were in the story.” The musical storytellers of modern times, Baava & Bluedoor Project is an indie band – a collaborative of singer-songwriter Hansal Suthar and producer Mayank Singh, from New Delhi. Their YouTube Channel has amassed 94k+ views, and amassed coverage from top music critics.

Diving into a mix of contemplative and comforting songs, their EP Dāstān arrived in October 2019 and brings together thematic music, with lyrics on making choices, finding a home, resentment, and paranoia, looking for the right answers, and asking the right questions.


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  • Written, Composed & Arranged by Baava & Bluedoor Project
  • Cast: Hansal Suthar (Baava), Mayank Singh (Bluedoor), Khushbu Panchal, Yash Jatia, Prakriti Sharma, Era Tangar, Vaibhav Bhargava
  • Mixed and Mastered by Anindo Bose (Plug ‘n’ Play Studios, New Delhi)
  • Cinematography & Video Production by Yash Jatia 
  • Artwork by @studiosorted
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