Bangalorean songwriter’s track explores spaces between places

Changing cities, reprise is the debut single from indie-folk singer-songwriter vishruti, an emerging Bangalorean artist based in Spain. The song explores the space in between places, relationships, and versions of oneself. A melancholic piano and voice duet, vishruti’s debut single, ‘changing cities, reprise’, talks about the difficult confrontations that come with moving to a new place; a combination of feelings, from leaving your loved ones behind to the uncertainties of what’s going to happen next, as well as the need to find yourself. The song is cushioned by simple ambient synths, to pick you up and place you in an alternate universe. She has another follow-up single in September along with a fall EP. The track runs over a minimalistic piano-led melody as the powerful grasp of vishruti’s bold yet angelic vocals ushers a rush of relatable feelings related to disconcerting situations. Despite the feelings that the track portrays at its forefront, vishruti weaves the narrative with the empowerment of letting go of the pain and moving on through her songwriting prowess.

vishruti is an indie-folk singer-songwriter from Bangalore, India, currently based in Spain. She writes most of her music on piano and her ukuleles L’uke and D’uke. She is an avid listener of music, owing to her background in audio engineering, music curation, artist development and events. Influenced by artists like Kings of Convenience, The Innocence Mission and The Staves, she blends elements of folk arrangements with modern production to create an authentic yet palatable sound that stands out all on its own. vishruti often incorporates natural sounds from her surroundings into her compositions, transporting the listener into the moment of ideation. Her vocals are entirely unique, imperfect, and textured, and colored with a raspy tone that has come to define her craft.

vishruti lives a double life through her travels, with immense passion for different cultures, cuisines and shared experiences that inspire her both as a person and an artist. She says, “I’ve lived a short life but traveled long distances, and with every new city, came new music and culture that influenced me. Now I am translating these experiences and discovering my own sound.” She is a master’s graduate from Berklee, Valencia, where she collaborated with people from all over the world, resulting in an EP, all set to release this fall. She is currently signed to Disrupción Records, Spain.

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