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Belfast based bobsled team release new lo-fi album coated in coloured haze

bobsled team is the duo Oliver and Kimberley from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They play dreamy guitar pop noise with carefree melodies about a pink moon, waves, daydreaming and night drives. They have just released their debut album, The Colours Blur, both digitally and on limited edition vinyl. bobsled makes music that is lo-fi, with purposeful minimalism that can sound strangely expansive. Lullaby might sound like a perfect beach song, but who are we kidding? We’re all sitting in front of our computers all day. The beach, I suppose, is the exact opposite of time spent in front of an LCD screen, but even then, we’d love this mesmerising song on the car radio on the way to somewhere. Probably to Sublime. So much of the music that bobsled makes is about atmosphere. Their music is about kicking back and vibing out.

Says Oliver, “I’ve always had weird melodies float into my head. I don’t know where they come from and I’m always scared they will disappear. Kimberley encouraged me to release them – we are a real team working on the arrangements. She plays bass and sings. They are lo-fi, a little left-field, a bit weird, and we love to play them. We’ve grown a small organic following thanks to the blogs, alternative radio shows and word of mouth from our cool fans.” 

About lullaby he adds, “When the songs come, I see them in colour. I don’t know what that is about. Totally weird! In my head, Lullaby started off quietly then became an explosion of colour and melody. It was written and recorded very quickly.”

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