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Canadian artist Nate Adamson’s folk alt mix

“Grace” by Nate Adamson is that deep breath that frees the mind from believing life will always be one giant shit-show. 


Vancouver, BC born, Nate Adamson’s debut single ‘Grace’ mirrors his summers spent on his family’s farm in Ontario narrated by artists who would later inspire his own music like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Townes Van Zandt. These early musical memories mixed with his discovery of contemporary rock bands and songwriters like Kings of Leon, The War on Drugs, Courtney Barnett and Phoebe Bridgers would eventually lead him to build a studio from the ground up and try his hand at his own music. Nate single-handedly wrote, recorded and produced every element featured on “Grace” including vocals, bass, piano, rhythm and lead guitar.

Listen to Nate Adamson’s Debut Single “GRACE”: 

Nate describes how he wrote Grace as a sort of message to his future children for them to look at him as someone who wasn’t afraid to follow their passions, so that hopefully one day they will do the same. “I think during these times, we all need a moment to take in a deep breath. The kind that relieves the tension we hold stiffly inside ourselves. We know that not everything is in our control. But a moment of peace, a moment of knowing everything will work out in the end, is a beautiful thought. I just want to make songs that can take peoples’ minds off their own lives for a few minutes because I think that’s what I love about music, you just can get lost in it sometimes and forget about everything else.” he explains.


The artist takes inspiration from bands like War on Drugs, Kings of Leon, Interpol, Beck and some older Coldplay music. “When working on lyrics, I listen to more to artists like Courtney Barnett, Phoebe Bridgers, Townes Van Zandt and Kevin Morby,” he adds.

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