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Ethereal dreampop songwriter Jenn Steeves drops new single, Dream

Canadian singer-songwriter Jenn Steeves who is based in Delhi, recently released her new single ‘Dream’ which has been expertly produced by revered music producer Abhishek Mathur. “Dream,” the latest single from her soon to be released EP, comprises twisting and turning synth chords, shimmering guitar chords, and absolutely ethereal vocals. Jenn shares, “Dream has been a labour of love over the last 15 months. I wrote most of it just as the world started to shut down, home alone one night in Delhi. A rare experience when the words and melody just appeared.

‘Dream’ is about being in 2 places at once. It’s trying to make sense of dualities and opposite desires – wanting to be near/far, in the dark/light, give/take, often at the same time. Abhishek Mathur of Plan 17 co-produced the song and helped bring it into this sonic space of dark vs light – the balance between the darker, moody synth bass line and the brighter vocal melody. 

About Jenn Steeves

Jenn Steeves is singer-songwriter based between Delhi, India and British Columbia, Canada. Jenn began writing folk-tinged tunes on acoustic guitar while living in London, to play at open mic nights. Collaboration with an electronic musician friend in Oxford opened her ears to synthesizers and drum machines and inspired her to learn music production. She’s currently working on a collection of songs that blend the storytelling of the singer-songwriter genre with a dreampop soundscape, for a forthcoming EP. Regardless of genre, Jenn primarily considers herself a songwriter, and songs the means to express the things you can’t say.

Song Credits:

Written and arranged by Jenn Steeves
Produced by Jenn Steeves and Abhishek Mathur / Plan 17
Mixed by Abhishek Mathur / Plan 17
Mastered by Chris Walter, The Lullabye Factory
Recorded at Quarter Note Studios, Delhi
Artwork by Jennifer Bass
Photo credit (Jenn Steeves’s photo) – Varun Mehta

Stream Jenn’s music: Spotify | YouTube

Connect with Jenn Steeves: Instagram | SoundCloud | Facebook 

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