From Stanford to Diamonds to Music – Sahil inspires in his new anthem

Mumbai based singer-songwriter, Sahil Dhandhia is serving up an anthem for every creative chasing their dreams. Inspired by his own journey, the new single “Chalte Jaana Hai”, ” is an universal theme song for musician hustlers who are carving their destiny on their own terms.  Swapping degrees for music records, Sahil is levelling up and redefining struggles as successes. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University following which he worked in the family diamond trade for 10 years. 4 years ago, he decided to drop everything and pursue his passion for music and hasn’t looked back since. It has been a roller-coaster ride thus far and he looks forward to all the adventures that are yet to come on this musical journey.

Chalte Jaana Hai has been written, sung and composed by Sahil Dhandhia. It talks about the emotions revolving around the rejections that musicians face early in their career. It aims to motivate these musicians to never give up on the journey to chase their dreams, no matter what obstacles are thrown at them along the way. The honest lyrics based on Sahil’s own musical journey, along with the catchy melody, are deeply relatable to people who have faced similar struggles. 16th September is Sahil’s birthday and is also the day he officially announced himself as a professional musician, hence this release has a special place in his heart.


For the recording, Sahil got together with the super-talented music producer, Tallz, to create this motivational piece of music. It was only after the entire song was recorded in the studio that Sahil realized that Tallz was his next-door neighbour!

For the song video, Sahil made the best of his down time in Mumbai, by reaching out to a talented group of film-makers led by Ashwat Mathur, who captured the essence of the song so meaningfully with the beauty of Rajasthan in the backdrop. 

An ode to every struggling artist, “Chalte Jaana Hai” reminds us that success isn’t found in the opinions of others, but deep within. 


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