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Liverpool rock band Idle Lies release ‘Two’s a Crowd’ backed by BBC Radio Wales and Amazing Radio

Following support from BBC Radio Wales and Amazing Radio, Liverpool indie rock band Idle Lies has returned with their fourth single, ‘Two’s a Crowd’. Debuted on the Adam Walton BBC Introducing show, he described the track as “charismatic guitar driven indie from a band with stories to tell, not just spaces to fill”. The song has been mastered by Pete Maher, who has previously mastered recordings for U2, The Rolling Stones, Jack White and many others.


Formed in 2019 and influenced by The Smiths, The Specials, Arctic Monkeys and many others, they’ve achieved early success with their first few singles; attaining over 25,000 streams from all across the world. Alongside this, they have performed in prestigious venues like the Arts Club and Cavern Club in Liverpool, where they won an audience-voted Battle of the Bands competition.


They’ve received a variety of comparisons to other artists, including Catfish and the Bottlemen, Sam Fender, The Lathums, Dire Straits, Thin Lizzy and several others. Their passion for so many styles of music and drive for creativity means they are constantly developing their sound in new and exciting ways, and Idle Lies have no plans of losing their energy to always stay interesting and unexpected. 

‘Two’s a Crowd’

Guitar driven addictive indie rock with huge riffs, catchy vocal hooks and creativity layered throughout the lyrics and melodies, “Two’s a Crowd” has everything Idle Lies are all about, and is the perfect start to making up for lost time after a year apart. Written in April 2020 by guitarist Sam Leonard, the single was recorded after one day of real-life rehearsals in March 2021 due to COVID restrictions, meaning the song had to be developed through Zoom practices and sending recordings back-and-forth one instrument at a time. The release is also Ross Neville-Jackson’s debut with the band, who joins on lead vocals for this single. The other members of the band are Lucas Pidgen on drums, Joe Green on bass, and Shantanu Kundu on vocals and rhythm guitar.

Stream “Two’s a Crowd” here:

Idle Lies will follow up the release with the following gigs:

24th July – EBGBS, Liverpool
TBA – The Fox & Newt, Leeds
TBA – The Hare & Hounds, Deeside
19th September – Jimmy’s, Liverpool
24th October – Jimmy’s, Liverpool

Could you give me an insight into your creative process of songwriting?

Usually an idea for a lyric will come to me when I’m out somewhere and not thinking about writing a song, and I’ll save it in a note on my phone and try to make it into a full song as soon as I can before the moment goes. I can’t really plan the style of song I want to write or even the topic I want to write about, it almost always has to come naturally and I’ll just go with whatever is coming to mind in that moment. In the past I’ve used riffs and guitar parts with the band to see if more ideas come to mind adding other instruments, but since the pandemic started I’ve basically been alone trying to write the full songs so it’s been a bit of a different approach this last year or so.

Tell us about your aspirations as a musician. What are your musical plans for over the 6 months?

I just want to keep getting better, both myself as a songwriter and guitarist, and as a band in general to keep improving over time. We’ve got lots of gigs planned including some of our biggest ones to date, so I want us to be a well-practiced, tight band and to put on great shows every time we play. After the year we’ve had I think the main aspiration is just to play as many gigs as physically possible to make up for so long without, and to keep pushing to establish our name as much as we can. 

What was your musical journey like? Any fond musical memories that you’d like to share?

When we first started the band we absolutely rushed ourselves into getting ready for a Battle of the Bands that was 2 rounds, with the final being in the Cavern Club in Liverpool (playing on the same stage that Paul McCartney had played on just a few weeks before). Probably my fondest memory of the band is the complete stress we had of getting together a half an hour set of original music within about 3 weeks to get ready for this competition. We ended up qualifying to play in the Cavern and then winning the whole thing on that night so it was a bit of a whirlwind start to the band for us, and I think we’re always going to remember the excitement of all that at the beginning.

Where do you take inspiration from?

Discovering new music that I love can inspire me to get back into writing if I’ve been in a phase of not writing much, and also watching other artists live I find really inspiring and always makes me desperate to perform. Apart from music though probably other people’s lives and any weird stories that they have can inspire new songs. I always get phases of being inspired to write and then waves of nothing, but forgetting about our own music and focusing on other bands can always get me back into it.

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