Sanjana Devarajan’s ‘Leher’ is both haunting and cinematic

Born in Coimbatore, based in Mumbai, Singer-songwriter Sanjana Devarajan, 22, is best known for her sharp-witted lyrics and catchy melodies. Inspired by bands like The Script, Imagine Dragons and artists like A R Rahman, Amit Trivedi, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran – Sanjana’s music is a blend of unique and familiar. Sanjana has released her second Hindi Single ‘Leher’ as an ode to her musical journey thus far. With minimalistic production and heartfelt lyrics, this song is about acceptance, hope and growth. The narrative of the song follows Sanjana as she is faced with struggle and pain of letting go, but then gains the courage to steer her own ship and change her fate.

Sanjana is best known for her ambient blend of creative, well-crafted musical elements, constructing songs that fuse together lush chillwave and lofi hip hop sounds for a serene, yet deeply emotional and introspective experience. The artist just released her latest album English EP ‘Mood’, in September 2020, that features a visual representation of colours. Each song on the record corresponds to a particular colour depicted on the artwork. The EP gained quite the attention and appreciation, with over 30K+ streams overall. She then released her first Hindi Single, “Bhool”, earlier this year in February 2021, which has over 100K streams and is featured in multiple editorial playlists.


Flowing with tender vocals, intentionally placed guitar riffs and atmospheric soundscapes, each song has a special meaning that seeks to resonate wholeheartedly with his listeners. 


Her musical journey began as a 6 year-old, learning Carnatic Music; she later discovered Global artists; leading her into the world of Pop. With a passion for songwriting running through her veins from an early age, Sanjana wrote her first song at 13. 


She has performed at major events like Telly Technical Awards 2018; and has won multiple awards including the ones from Mumbai University. She has been appreciated by music emperors like Vishal Dadlani and Ehsaan Noorani on social media. Her dream is to make India be heard at the global stage.


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