Shades of Grey is a charming track of fluid motion

In what certainly sets a benchmark for collaborations in the Indian indie music scene, singer-songwriter Nikhil D’Souza yesterdayreleased his new single, bringing together popular singers, Raghav Meattle and Rajan Batra to uplift his thought provoking new single, ‘Shades of grey’ – a track that talks about the recklessness of our youth and how with age we see the ‘maybe’ between the yes and the no.


This track promises to be different with the coming together of these three super talented singers, who combine their very distinct vocal textures to deliver a powerful sonic experience. Shades of grey is an English-Hindi blend of these three voices with Rajan adding his lyrical and vocal charm on the Hindi section. 


Commenting on this release, an excited Nikhil D’souza said, “Shades of grey has been in my catalogue for a while and since I finally decided to release it, I wanted it to be different. Given that it’s also a lyrically powerful track I thought what better than collaborating with some distinct voices in the scene and Raghav and Rajan proved to be a dream combination. Am really thankful to them for giving me the goosebumps I get every time I hear this track now”.


Shades of grey is a deep song that talks about our younger selves when we don’t see beyond black or white, yes or no, up or down. Time, age and hard-earned wisdom gradually chip away the rough edges of our youthful impulsiveness and reveal the in-between shades of grey, the ‘maybe’ between the yes and the no, the middle ground between the high and the low. In the end, this is a song about the advice that we would give ourselves if we could go back in time. 


Raghav Meattle shared his experience saying, “I had a blast in the studio with Rajan and Nikhil – both such inspiring musicians. Got a lot to learn from both these guys and I’m glad Indian Indie is shaping up like this in the form of collabs. Moral of the story is “when Nikhil D’Souza asks you to sing on his track, you do it!”


Powerful front man and multi-talented vocalist, Rajan Batra said, “It was always going to be an experience being in the same room, collaborating with Nikhil, who I think is one of the most interesting voices in the scene. And Raghav, who I believe has his own world of musical imaginations that I’ve related to, every time I heard him. My time in the studio was more like watching shooting stars. It’s great to see artists collaborate and appreciate each other’s strengths to create art that stands out”.


‘Shades of grey’ is out now on all streaming platforms. 

Listen to the track here

Track Credits:

Composed by Nikhil D’souza

Lyrics: Nikhil D’souza (English), Rajan Batra (Hindi).

Singers: Nikhil D’souza, Raghav Meattle, Rajan Batra.

Produced and Mixed by Nathan Thomas

Acoustic guitars: Nikhil D’souza

Orchestral programming: Crehyl Pereira

Recorded at Island City Studios, Mumbai. Mastered by Ashyar Balsara.

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