Skinny Jeans is an ode to body acceptance and self-love

Shreya Ugale and Jach have released a new single with a message of high relevance today. Titled ‘Skinny Jeans,’ the song has been written, composed and sung by Shreya, who is also pursuing academics from IIT Madras. The twenty one year old singer song-writer originally created the composition based on a soft-pop theme with an acoustic guitar instrumental, because the song evolved to carry the emotional weight. The song features Jach, a nineteen year old EDM music producer from Gujarat. “Me and Jach got in touch through instagram, when Jach wanted to create a remix of a previous release of mine. We started talking and were fascinated by the idea of juxtaposing his EDM proficiency with my pop essence, to create an electro-pop song; which is now released as Skinny Jeans,” says Shreya.

About the emotion driving the song, she explains, “the song is about the frustration of constantly being body-shamed as a skinny person; the hesitation faced when it comes to deciding what to wear and the constant paranoia of having to face people’s sarcastic comments like, Don’t you eat? This has been my story for almost all these years, and I also know that a lot of people go through the same.”

Shreya Ugale and Jach have managed to express their thoughts on what makes a confident woman and the struggles that most girls face when it comes to matching societal standards. Body positivity is surely about celebrating every size, figure and woman out there and by supporting this mantra we can eradicate the ridiculous element of competition between women created by the media.

We should instead tackle the inherent underlying sexism and misogyny in the media, take the true meaning of body positivity and embrace it. All women are to be celebrated – regardless of shape and size.

Calling someone “fat” is considered demeaning, but somehow, calling a person “skinny” is eerily normalised. Hence, I’ve written this song as a subtle reminder for people to mind their thoughts and accept each other for who they are, and not for the way they look.

The song reminds us to not compare ourselves to others and that clothing size does not define beauty.


Credits: Artwork created by Nikita

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