Hannah’s vocals shine through like a beacon of hope in Fake Heartache

Hannah Dorman released ‘Fake Heartache,’ an uplifting track combining heartache with self-love and self worth. With cheerful disposition elevated by Hannah’s penchant for big pop sounds, the layered offering combines a thoughtful message with easy-going sonics in a sleek experimental foray. Hannah finds her groove with flourishing synth embellishments, a steady rhythm, and lingering vocals that produce an ambiance to get lost in.

Hannah Dorman, hailing from Surrey, is a singer-songwriter making free-flowing rock sounds shining with the glam of pop. She’s been releasing music for over 10 years and when she’s not writing or performing, she’s creating new videos to upload on Youtube and Tiktok. Inspired by the likes of Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson, and The Pretty Reckless, there’s a load of unbreakable energy in her music that runs between the homey country vibes and in her strong emotive vocals. Genre-crossing songs combining the best of rock, pop, country, and emotional songwriting.

Since going onto the platform she’s got well over 250k followers and a staggering 5 million plays, stick that up your pipe and smoke it wow! It’s no wonder how she’s become one of the rising stars on the UK scene. Aside from her undeniable, intelligent vocals, the single storms in with an entrance of throbbing synths and electro-tinged vocals. The track is bursting with groovy guitar riffs and a tight, bright drum beat, giving us a pounding energy, sure to have you dancing around sunset fires in your mind. Hannah’s new wave of sound is a reflection of her newfound understanding of her emotions. Undoubtedly, Hannah is growing as an artist and as an individual with each and every release.

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