Hear helloworld’s tender, stripped-back version of ‘only way out’

Sometimes, stripping down things to their essence and just re-doing voice and guitar, very simply, somehow can make songs seemingly bigger. Rising dance music talent helloworld has released a stripped back edition of his major 2021 single ‘only way out’, via Lost In Dreams.

A tender and heartfelt track in its own right, stripping away the layers reveals a new sense of emotion within the song and also points more focus on the absolutely wonderful songwriting prowess that helloworld has at its disposal. Once a mysterious enigma, helloworld reveals his identity in the complimenting video for this stripped back release. After finding success releasing a string of singles in 2021 as a faceless performer, the stripped back version of ‘only way out’ sees him kick off 2022 fearlessly embracing his identity and showcasing it to the world.

A timely blend of impassioned vocals and delicate guitar strings with flurried arpeggios and energetic 8-bit synth sounds, the original edition ‘only way out’ is an emotion-drenched blend of both electronic and organic elements. Furthering upon this foundation, the stripped edition showcases a personal touch to the original that builds upon the project’s identity in a way that demonstrates breadth and well roundedness. The stripped version will leave you wanting more, and leave you feeling every emotion at once. That’s why helloworld is so amazing.

“The stripped version of ‘only way out’ represents another side of the helloworld project that I want to be able to express. a side full of beautiful melodies and emotion. When writing this song with Josie, we wanted to capture the feeling of being lost and having that person who you can reach for to pull you back up. To me, the stripped version of the song represents that in its rawest form,” they said.

Sharing on the song’s conception, helloworld shared “the song came to be when I wrote a super beautiful instrumental and wanted to write some lyrics to capture the emotion that I felt through it. Naturally, I reached out to Josie Dunne (an amazing singer, songwriter, and artist) to write with me. we spent lots of hours on zoom trying to get it right and what you hear now is what we came up with.”

With a series of future releases already on the horizon, the stripped edition of ‘only way out’ is a path to artistic diversity that is surely to be built upon in future releases as we kick off a new year.

Good songs can be done with an orchestra or done with just a guitar and a voice and still work. It still has the same impact and power, however it’s performed.

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