Lara Snow’s voice shines through stripped version of ‘Wild Sea’

Tel Aviv based Lara Snow returns with a Stripped Version of ‘Wild Sea’, her most personal & intimate song to date, taken from her debut EP ‘Delete Forever’. “All my songs are very personal, but with ‘Wild Sea’ I truly feel like my heart is out there for everyone to hold”, Snow says. “It is the story of a poisoned relationship and a great heartbreak.”

As Lara’s  versatile voice guides us through the track, we are taken on an otherworldly journey of enchanting textures and haunting melody set against atmospheric piano keys. Unafraid to explore uncharted sonic territory, Lara Snow demonstrates her infinite potential with this fascinating version.

This version of the song was recorded live in her living room, during the first lockdown at the height of the Covid pandemic. ‘Wild Sea’ shows the songstress at her most fragile state.

“Staying at home for such a long time during the pandemic, made me reach inside and look for a deeper meaning and a deeper truth. To return to the most basic instincts and habits, rediscover the joy in little things. Suddenly without stages to play I found myself returning to where it all began – my voice and a piano.”

This version of ‘Wild Sea’ comes in preparation for Lara’s sophomore EP that is planned for release next year. With an arresting presence and powerful voice, she’s surely one singer to watch out for. 

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